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Executive Search

It's all about trust! 

There is not much more to say. The job of a headhunter is not only to fill a job vacancy. It is to bring the right person into the clients company. That is one of the reasons why we focus on logistics. When we really understand what the task of the new employee is we could much better understand which profile we are looking for. If we also understand the mentality and culture of our client then we have good circumstances for a successful placing of a candidate. We recoomend the following...

Talk to us!

Klaus Kothmann - Executive Search

Interim & Projects

Very often we have to ask: "Who of you folks wound the clock? Is it really time to stop?"

Usually Interim Managers are hired when the pressure on the situation is really high and the company realizes that the problems cannot be solved nby themselves alone. Often an Interin Manager has to be available "yesterday" or at least ASAP. They must be able to create miracles in short time. Unfortunately that is not our business.

We could help you to find the best available Interim Manager or build the relevant teams. We could help you to manage these resources and to optimize their engagement.

Challenge us! We are very pleased!

Frank Hassler - Project-/Interimmanagement

Management Consultancy

Pay Attention! Consultants are on the way!

As experts we would like to provide expertise in and around logistics. We are not known as the presentation consultants. We prefer to support the execution. In many years we have experienced that in management positions or as entrepreneur it is very difficult to get an honest opinion. This should be your requirement for a consultant.

We keep finding that no customer is the same and that patent recipes don not work. When it comes to improving results, this usually depends on specific steps that have to be very individually tailored to a company, its employees and its environment. We would like to help you to work out specific steps and we would be happy to accompany you through the implementation.

We are there when the work starts!

Frank & Klaus - Dreamteam
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